VR Virtual Tours For Real Estate

VR or Virtual Reality has grown exponentially in popularity over the past several years. VR is a fully immersive media that can be viewed through a set of Goggles specifically designed for that purpose. The most affordable goggles use mobile devices that are placed into the headset, splitting the screen into stereoscopic images. The images seem to merge into a single image for the viewer wearing the goggles. These virtual reality goggles range in price from about $15 dollars (Google Cardboard) to several hundred (Oculus Rift). The affordability of these devices has made VR accessible to people of all incomes and ages. 


MyVirtualProperty.com is ahead of this trend, offering vr enabled virtual tours to help real estate photographers, agents and businesses stand out from the competition. Imagine the benefit of being able to virtually walk through a property you are considering purchasing or checking out a hotel you are considering visiting before you step through the door. 3D VR tours are really the next best thing to being at a location in person. The best part is RTV virtual reality tours can be viewed in VR goggles or on a standard desktop computer.

Virtual Reality Tours For Real Estate


Click on this image to view our Highlights Style 3D VR Tour. Be sure to view on your mobile device using a supported headset.


Realtors will save valuable time showing their clients 3d VR tours of properties. Clients will quickly determine if the house they are considering is worth an in-person visit simply by providing a “walk through” without stepping out of the office or the comfort of home. Sure, people will still want to visit homes in person, but using MyVirtualProperty VR technology allows clients to screen many more potential houses quickly and inexpensively. This technology is a game changer for those who are relocating from long distances and can’t afford to spend their precious time and money traveling back and forth in an effort to find that perfect property. Because special equipment is not required to view virtual reality tours, agents can simply send a standard link to clients who are looking to relocate to the area.

Realtors who provide their listings with professional VR photography will stand out during listing presentations. The best part is, these 3D VR tours are very economical to produce, making marketing budgets stretch further. Clients will love the extra service their agent provides and the Realtor will look like a marketing wizard by getting so much value for their marketing budget. Contact us to find your local VR tour provider in your area, or to learn how you can create these powerful virtual tours on your own. RTV works with agents and real estate photographers across the country.

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Virtual Reality Tours for Businesses


Click on this image to view our Walkthrough Style 3D VR Tour. Be sure to view on your mobile device using a supported headset.

Hotels, restaurants, vacation rental properties, and most any business would benefit greatly from 3D VR tours as well. Allowing customers to check out the atmosphere, and cleanliness of your facility before committing is a great way to increase top of mind awareness and create a sense of comfort and familiarity before they leave their home. With VR market share increasing every day, now is the time to get ahead of the competition!

Businesses who order a Google Street View tour get the benefit of a walkthrough tour that can be found directly on the search results page. VR savvy customers likely already know that a Street View tour can also be viewed as a VR experience, but those who are not as familiar with the Street View program may not realize this as tours are not as easy to find on Google as they once were. Another drawback is the lack of customization for these tours.

MyVirtualProperty.com offers fully immersive customizable virtual reality tours that your potential customers will remember when it comes time to decide where they would like to spend their money. Be sure to also request a Fusion virtual tour to take advantage of many other features available, such as our book it now option that links directly back to your online booking service, traffic reporting so you know where the tours are getting the most traction, professional voice-over narration, music and much more.

MyVirtualProperty.com offers both a fully immersive walk through 3D VR tour for business who want to take their marketing to the next level, and a highlight style virtual reality tour that requires fewer images and production time for those who prefer a more economical option. Businesses can choose which area of their properties they would like to highlight with both options. Our full vr tour allows customers to virtually “walk through” the business while our highlights option allows customers to step into your facility and choose from a list of areas that you have chosen to showcase. Both are a great addition to your marketing efforts and can be shared on social media, online business listings, through email marketing and can be embedded on websites.

If you would like to learn more about how you may benefit from a virtual reality tour, please fill out the form below and a member of our staff will reach out to you to discuss your needs.